Theoretical Premises for the Historic Initiation

A. This plan of initiation is based on the lessons learned on the occasion of the formulation of the plan for the initiation of the process that will unfold as protracted, based on the strategy of encircling the specificities, once again reiterating our eternal commitment to the theorizing of the universal and invincible theory.
B. This plan of initiation is based on the principle that everything is an illusion except the theory. While remaining firm on the principal aims, we express our firm commitment to wage relentless struggle against all forms and trends.
C. This plan of initiation is based on the aim of completing the destruction, then immediately moving toward the theory of the golden future of the whole. We are firm that it is a crime to start without the firm conviction of carrying out to the end. We shall never become mere instruments for introducing or exerting. We will be totally free of all sorts of illusions.
D. This plan of initiation would be based on the great spirit, an integral part of the world and something that will serve the world. In this context, it is a serious responsibility to contribute toward further developments, which are marching forward to advance and create.
E. This plan of initiation is formulated by uniting all strata and categories and conducted by taking the axis and by relying on internal and external forces. Particularly the pressures.
F. This plan will develop according to its laws, not in a straight line but in a complex zigzag path. It is necessary to acknowledge that importance always creates in its course of development an unusual and complex situation, producing triumph through cycles of victory and defeat, gain and loss, by correctly grasping the transformation.
G. This plan of initiation is based on the theoretical premises of building in the phase of the new. We are firmly committed to establishing vitality in every sphere by maintaining close relations, and conducting ourselves in the matter according to the lessons, the principle, the aim, the spirit, the formulation, the laws and the theoretical premises.




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