Thin Babies Come From Wide Vaginas

I hope you've all gotten that out of your systems now. The second fetus, maimed apparently in the operation, as well as an absurdly stretched vagina with a minuscule opening and operated by some gigantic fingers, this is your contribution?

It is a nice vagina, I'm sorry I said that. And anti- or pro- abortion screeds are necessary for any blog in the first few posts, I won't stand in the way of convention. I'm just bitter because of small childhood missteps that will ultimately doom me into a position in a overheated garment factory, surrounded by Chinese people and their inferior stitching.

I feel left out of this whole "Picture" craze you've all indulged in so graphically (haha...). I almost feel duty bound to some ombudsmanial position when I'm faced with genitals and fetuses and my, well, it's probably some combination of my high moral character and a deeply developed sense of taste that has prevented me, as well as the complete lack of suitable pictures (I know, I know, it didn't stop you, but I'm not you, I'm an autonomous human being, complete with my own organ systems and sexual hang-ups. Remember this.).

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