You Are All A Bunch Of Racist Assholes. Fuck You.

I hope that you all realize that posting what you have been posting is going to leave you with nothing in the future. If we as Shitizens are supposed to become progressively more grotesque as time passes, how do you expect to trump what has already been posted. What's going on here is you are all teenage boys losing your virginity at the same time and like a teenage boy you're blowing your load within the first fifteen seconds. If things continue at the rate they are will be into some Peter Townshend shit by next month. Maybe we should calm down just a little. Or not. I guess we really wouldn't be who we are if we calmed down. Dan, my vagina was stitched shut the day I was born. You're not fooling anyone. And Eric, stop with the art crap. It's queer. I love you all. Maybe I'll post again in two months or so. Probably not.

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