You gonna eat that?

In light of the recent decision by South Dakota to ban all abortions and stop the spread of the rabid disease sweeping across the country that disguises itself as 'civil rights', it should be noted that abortions are infact something to be made light of. For those of you who feel that life is precious and that a cluster of cells is of equal value to a fully functional and law abiding citizen who pays their fare share in taxes and helps carry the burden of humanity, I am afraid that you are happily mistaken. We can all remember the now infamous and inflammatory hate speech that littered the pavilion at Kaplan's Park, the now world renowned original stomping grounds of the legendary gang of traitors and renegades known as the shitizens [666]. "Abortions are for pussies, real men casue miscarriages," the graffiti reads like a plagarized Allen Ginsberg poem and has never been so poignant and unmistakably vulgar at the same time. In fact truer words have never been put together so magnificently in such a prime location for anonymous closed circuit media. You are the media and the media is biased, left wing right wing, you're all the bloody same, the bird we call mass communication is finding it's feather a bit sticky and useless. Anyway...I too have a sexy picture

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