No emails?

I'm convinced that something is wrong with my email account. No one has sent me an email in weeks, except the Socialist Alternative newsletter, which I only receive due to a previous dating debacle. See, the leader is very attractive, so I told him that my mother was a union organizer and that I grew up quoting the Communist Manifesto as scripture. When he asked me if I wanted to join some discussion groups, I realized that I was putting in way too much work to get laid. I'm a woman. I shouldn't ever have to study for sex. So, before I could be uncovered as the base pervert and libertarian ne'er-do-well that I was, I took Aaron's advice and backed out of my coffee dates with him for various "ethical" reasons.

I have a large project in mind for those of us who can accept. Most of you know that since I moved to the cities, I've been leaving anonymous spoken word cd's in restaurants, coffee shops, bars, malls, etc...as a part of my "Touching You, Touching Me" campaign. While talking with Grant, I realized that this project could be much more than one creepy girl freaking people out. It could be a band of shitizens, spreading their anonymous seed all over the city.

This may work. Send me an email if you're interested.

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ETC said...

Im in on the creepy audio shinanigans.... or the random acts of secret psuedo stalking.... and whatnot.