A poem about the future... and the past too.

What could have been?! But of course, it already was and is already now. Then again, now is then and this is now. So this is then and then has been. Ask been what could have, and you'll then know now what really could be, has been (but is).

To live in the now
is to live in the past
for now is the then
and does not last

the future still is yet to be
the future's yet for us to see
but some day later twill be now
and now is then and gone somehow
it seems to pass the present fast
for now is then and never lasts

Soon... is now and now... is then
as if that now had never been
the future turns to present gone
for the future's never future long
the future one cannot obtain
the future... is now but gone again

The only place that now remains
is within the thing we'd call a brain


the only thing that ever lasts
are those things that are in the past
the only way to have things stay
is to let all those things go away

48+hr stints of consciousness makes ETC write silly things


Justice Rare said...

That was a pretty poem, you should get some Twin Cities turntables, a dirty backpack and pockets stuffed with Black Labels, It's gonna be a party for the kids who dress in green, we're gonna drink some whisky until are eyes are stretched and leen, we're gonna kick, we're gonna fight, we're having a fucking party tonight so you should fuckin' come over and chug some nector and I'll give you a lecture about how to throw a punch and you can give me your rebutle about how it didn't hurt that much. No trouble, No trouble, I don't drink that much so just pour me a single malt. No trouble, No trouble, I din't mean that it was all my fault, fuck it man you better make it a double. How bout' them invites bro?

ETC said...

Yeah, so the invites are so done...
but hold up hold up the next is no fun.
they have not yet been sent to the printer
you can blame it on me and I'll say its the winter
I missed my chance to print it this week
but yeah fine I'll do it just get off my deek

sorry bro.

Anna Nym said...

I don't think it was silly. It was a nice poetic thought and well executed. I'd like to see more of your writing, but you've known that for a long time.