La página de web

Es muerta. Nadie tiene tiempo para utilizarlo.

Es muerto, hasta segundo venir de Cristo. O el apocalypse. Pero éstas son quizá la misma cosa. No soy ningún teólogo. La página es muerta.

Hasta el Cristo,



Why dead? Also who or whats apocalypse?
I no not what this is please explain en ingles por la muy feo escribo muchacho por favor.
If this is stated in correctly it only futhers my point but i tried. If you don't want to expain thats ok just currious.

Later miss nym

dent burntrap said...

time? bah
christ? you actually he'll resurrect this site?
same thing? well they are both nouns i guess
so close enough
theologian?once again close enough


dent burntrap said...

he might save the cow however....

Anna Nym said...


Here's what you told me: in english for the very ugly I write boy please.

As for your other question, the apocalypse is a time when everyone holds hands in a giant circle around the globe and we sing songs of peace and prosperity. Think of it as...a big camping trip where we all cook s'mores at the hellfire side.

Maybe I am a theologian, after all.

Dent, God will not restore your petty, laughing idols. In hell, there is a river of smelted bovine. Yours included.

I should really write the book on the good book.

Love, peace, and s'mores-