Speed Reading

I once moved from one place to another. In the process I took many pictures of the minor events that occured, neglected the major ones out of frustration and a camera lost in my car-jungle, and recreated others so you might one day understand.

This was the starting line: Olympia, WA, Amerika.

The room in which I was kept, only allowed to view sunlight when my master found it erotically pleasing.

This lampshade is a notorious terrorist.

First in a series documenting my wild, drug induced mood swings supposedly related to moving. This one shows a half-sneering contempt...

This one shows severe nerve damage...

And this one shows bleak acceptance of a venereal disease diagnosis.

Parking Lot Art Installation was not nominated.

The baptismal font was ceremoniously desanctified as planned.

A round aluminum based parasite tries to enter the victim's throat, providing sedation for the trip.

There can only be One. Person in this car.

My hideous soul tries to escape.

This is what it looks like when headlights go out in Idaho. Or South Dakota.

Inadvertent foray into scream therapy, brought on by said headlight malfunction.

Last night, she was a tumultuous slut, but the light of day brings the shame of contemplation over our awkward one-night-stand.

The beginnings of Sky City appears over the mountains of Montana

A gas pump dramatically overestimates my vehicle.

The Black Hills at night. No shit.

Fast-forward through many important events...to the fourth floor.

Here at 47, we have a spectrum of views designed to suit every persona. From the beautiful architecture...

To the horrible birth of a new race in my trashcan.

I hope you learned something from this, you sons of bitches.


Anna Nym said...

Q) What's big and red and flashy all over?

A) The punchlines on all of your pictures.

ETC said...

I like things that are big and red and flashy and punchline-y... and bloody-marys for easter dinner for that matter.