Aaron update

To inform everyone of Dent Burntrap's status.
Aaron called me monday and als informed me that that he may infact have tendonitis (not that i disbelieved Anna Nym).
Though I also received word that he was bitten by a BLACKWIDOW spider his first day out. I suggested to him that his ankles and joints might be swollen and sore from side-affects of the spider venom.
He was also thinking the same as an alternative to tendonitis. I personally believe it is the venom.
He was kicked out of one of the hostle because he had stayed a night already though he was feeling under the weather due to the spider vendom I think he said.
He is going by his alias at the top of the page.
Well besides the venom, he has been having an enjoyable time and has meeten some cool people.
He met a crasy guy he thinks is homeless they hung out for a time and the dude gave him a waterproof tabacco pouch.
He also hiked with some rather old retired airforce men he said they were around 70 or so.
Well that's all I got.


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