Makin' like a tree.

So, I'm gonna go out to the West coast in a moment or two... I'm gonna see Nathan... and some other things I'm sure. I rocked the "Art Hustle" this week... askin' er' body I could if they wanted to buy things from me... and I've potentially made enough to eat for the week. It'll be swell. I just thought y'all should know. I'll be back when the food is gone. Love.


ETC said...

So yeah... kickin it w/ mystic knuckles. and we saw a troll under a bridge in Seattle. We're gonna go cook some fish on the beach. He wears a vest now, and carries a compass. words.

Anna Nym said...

Does the vest have little pockets for bullets or fishing hooks? Could it be reasonably worn with, say, a floppy brimmed khaki hat?

What a rustic picture.