The Rising Cost of Gasoline Has Caused Me To Drive Farther and Farther Into the City in Search of a Hooker Who Doesn't Kiss Like One

God, you guys are out of your friggin' minds. Have you all gone totally bleeding mad. It's like this blog has turned into this thing that is out of our hands, it's like one big awkward silence. Truly. We want to be entertained. We want to be amused by cute short stories about Grant and Tina. Whether it be their aggressive yet confusing sex life, or their contention that they are in fact in touch with the greater literary community. We all want different things from this blog. But, I think I speak for myself when I say I want a place to be absolutely retarded. Or entirely serious if I choose, and I expect ya'll to be able to tell the difference, and if you can't be certain what anybody is talking about then you are responsible to badger them until they make a decision. I am not entirely opposed to some, well one, of Grants ideas. That idea being the group effort to write something that embraces every member of the Shitizen Nation. That may sound kind of gay, which it is, so you may say, "Well if you gay wads want to go write some shit together then do so, but please don't clog my bandwidth." The blog is/should be a place where the contributors can be earnest with one another without being dicks, well we'll still be dicks, but in a charming and lovable way that lets you know that while I think you're writing skills are dreadful I still love you. Yeah, yeah, yeah..love, what a fag. I think perhaps we could start attacking other blogs. If one of us stumbles upon a ridiculous blog we all go on full attack/weird mode. Lots of crazy right wing shit, jumbled stream of consciousness shit that eric seems to be so good/bad at, and poems, lots of poems. Or we could leave all that shit to ourselves, either way I propose that we all stop yammering on and on about where the blog is heading, or why nobody posts anymore, If you want to see some more posts than fucking write one and shut the hell up.

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