A Word From Aaron

Aaron has tendonitis. In other words, his knees hurt very bad. Other than that, he says the walk is great, amazing, etc...I didn't actually talk to him. My father did, but that's the message that was passed to me, which I am now passing to you.

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Justice Rare said...

The thoughts and prayers of the Van Laeger Organization travel with Aaron as he sojourns on in search of peace, understanding, and truth. We know that God is watching down/over on him and that if he prays real hard every night a group of horny, socially awkward juveniles won't rape his voluptuous backside, just for kicks. We also hope that his knees get better so he can run like mad from all those crazy rednecks and pseudo-new age granola eating motherfuckers that keep their shit in bags and wear shorts that make their legs look much wider than they actually are. May God continue to bless his immortal soul. Sorry Aaron, we're not really gonna pray for you.