Clyde (small d) drexler
Portland Trailblazers Great
is neither here nor there

I've been to the Mala, when I was younger
Not really a lot, no.
I don't want to give that impression.
Just a few times.

Dickless Bullfucking Sonofabitch
Some things are not recognized by my spellcheck filter.
Initially, I assumed it had to do with
Compound words.
Now I see that it is
Compound Cursing that bothers spellcheck
so goddamn much.

When we talk late at night
and I have been drinking
I miss the beautiful conversation.
And I miss you.

You should call earlier in the day.

Like People
This poetry is making me late for plans
I don't want to carry out just now.
Starting to seem like art
is just crafted procrastination on both our parts,
From conception
To ingestion.
Like people, sometimes.

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