i really wish you all would just die.

That means i really love you all, and my feet hurt.
call mom if you didn't catch my blog. It's her birthday. i'm off for a drink.
Someone left a cooler on the trail yesterday filled with heinekin and budweiser and lemonade and candy for the hikers. i think that person is my new best friend.
love, Me



Well . . Happy birthday to your mom and god bless the budweiser's.

El Plagiarista.

Anna Nym said...

In that case, I really hope you die as well.


madam tyrant said...

So I'm sitting at the school computer wasting time when I look up and out the window at an airplane that is pulling a very large sign that says 10 WEEK ABORTIONS! 1-888-and whatever the number was. I can't tell if it's advertising abortions or if you call that number they'll blow you up or whatthehell. I think it had a picture of a fetus on it as well. I'm very confused. But more importantly, is an airplane sign really the forum to show a fetus. How many car accidents does that cause? People are all like whatthe? Is that a friggin fetus flying at a low altitude...CRASH! Oh crap I'm bloody and dying and it's all that damn fetuses fault. I don't know but it just seems weird.

Anna Nym said...

That is truly fucked up. In Florida, we used to have similar planes, but they were "Who's the Daddy? 1-800-DNA-####"

Ten week abortions is much more risque. Especially if a fetus is involved, which I'm not sure if that is the best way to advertise an abortion...reminding the would-be customer that, yes, the thing you want to suck out with a hose is indeed a human being.

Vacuum Aspiration=Airplane Inspiration

ETC said...

Kill or be killed.