TheGrza said...

I bet this one was complicated. First, on the left, you see a sneering mustachioed fellow, with his back to the center of the painting. His clothes are filthy, but underneath the grime lies a cloak of finest silk. The left side, as well as the top and bottom panels reflect a twisted and distorted cripple, taller than the other figures but rail thin. His eyes are flung in opposite directions as his atrophied brain tries to come to grips with his own existence. The center, the focal point of this apparatus, is a messianic looking Pirate, completely nude. His hips are slung to the side in Renaissance French style and his hands are both extended, one raised in Benediction and the other pointing viciously, palm up, at the viewer. The Pirate's eyes are a-blaze and his lips are curled into a come-hither sneer.

That's what I saw anyway.

Anna Nym said...

I don't know why you can't see it, Grant. It works fine on my computer, but I wish the clip were as interesting as your apt description.

TheGrza said...

Now I see. It wasn't a benediction, it was the boy scout salute.