A Video From an Articulate Insurgent


Ronan Jimson said...

hi ETC, I like your blog and I want to exchange your blog link with my link,
my blog is Arts Collections .
pls feedback to me.
Good Google Link About Arts

Anna Nym said...

What the fuck?

I was so excited to see that a comment was left on the video, but then..?

No worries. I can float in this foul tide.

Hi, Ronan Jimson. I like your grammar, and I want to exchange fisticuffs. My zip code is 55414. Please get back to me.

So Sincere Am I,
Anna Nym

ETC said...

Those google links make things inside of me hurt. Same w/ those google adverts on the blog.

ETC said...

This is the Shitizens' blog.

ETC said...

So, I posted a comment on Ronan's blog, and I think it was opted out (they moderate comments over there). It was something about how they should totally link up to us, and something about mother rats gnawing on skulls of dead children... So, yeah... didn't fly... I'm feeling a little restless now, so I went back to explain... I'm posting it here because it prolly won't get posted.


"What, no rodents? It was a true story man. Serious. I saw it! Me and my brother flushed all of those poor rat children down our toilet. I think we wanted to cry, but Capt. Kegleg was seriously eating a baby rat head! It was completely intolerable at that level; I truly can't imagine that Capt. could have eaten all of them, so we had to do something. The good lord knows we couldn't just raise 15 baby ratlings, and the pet shop didn't need em, so what choice was left... load em in the 32 ounce Big Gulp and give a short ceremony before their quick journey through our plumbing system.

I just speak the truth, but, on an entirely different note, I am concerned about your Google ads. Not only have they taken your blog hostage, but they also stow away on your comments. It said "good art links" and I will give you my solemn testimony that they were indeed "not" good.

none the less...

I wish you good luck in your future. Maybe, somehow, someday, we'll run into one another in the Walker Art Center's "Target" gallery, and together we will frolic in ecstasy through the spoils of the corporate funded arts.



I don't really care about any of this but I just kinda felt like heckling. The internet is making me retarded. Apologies.

Anna Nym said...

I feel the same way, etc. I don't think you're taking it any further than it needs to go. Just dropping a links like this on blogs you've never read...He probably earns extra ching by getting more people linked up to his ads in a chain of darkness and greed. The more people in the circle of hell, the more likely some unfortunate soul will do the ol' CLICK HERE.