The Shitizens

What the Fuck?.....ah....what the fuck.

I talked to the Grza via messenger today--the first time I've had any sort of contact with the shitizens in quite awhile. I read a good deal of the blogs and it made me realize how much I miss all of you. I hope to make the shitizens blog more of a routine...to be honest, I had forgotten about it. The reason I felt I needed to hit it up today is this--I love you. I don't care if you care, I just needed all of you to know that. I don't have any energy or creativity left in my soul, so as far giving you a great story or a witty haiku, you're fucked. I am numb. Numb from years of institutionalized thought and stress. Anyways, know that reading through your shitizens contributions has brought laughter to my depression and I thank you for that. There are a few names on the shitizens list that I really don't recognize, maybe because you don't have your damn name on your profile or perhaps you joined the shitizens crew later in life. Either way, there are a number of individuals that I would really like to hear from. I listed my email address as I updated my profile. If you don't think I'm talking about you when I say I'd like to hear from you....you are probably the ones I'm talking about...so please email....it means a lot...and if you don't...I will be forced to engage in a certain tactical prodecedure I learned from our wonderful jihadist neighbors..and cut your fucking heads off. NOTHING FOLLOWS. I AUTHENTICATE WITH MY INITIALS--A.L.O. SGT SPOON--OUT.

The Shitizens


ETC said...

Shit just got real.

Justice Rare said...

Reel to real, plain to plane, can you make them feel your pain?

dent burntrap said...