Let us wrestle. Try not to contain your emotions here. Lets hold one another, like children alone in woods. Dearest, how it is to see you again.

The husbands and wives have arrived. They care for children and strive for comfort, education, health when they are at home.
They have given their children away, and now join us.

Lets take this path to wherever.
I like to think my friends amazing. They have such an ability to talk about whatever. We stay entertained; consuming mass amounts of cheap beer. We trample the neighbors garden because that is where we put our feet.

How raw can we make it. How late will you stay up. The bluegrass made their minds explode. I'm there too. I can't talk so much. I pick up aluminum cans and watch the festivities with an early AM hangover.

Its proclaimed "Gay NIght 2."
Its proclaimed "Fight Night 1!"

I didn't wrestle, but everyone seemed to put up a healthy fight.
Justice caught a couple punches with his face.
The GRZA vomits in retribution.
Then he made out with Nathan.
I only heard this but imagine it true; they're close like that.

I was hot this morning. It was very hot. It felt like there were 15 people sleeping in my house. The air seemed heavy with CO2. I could only imagine the piles of blankets and stripes and plaid covering the heaving bodies so desperately trying to process the excessive amounts of alcohol due to the prior evening/morning. Livers were screaming in the living room, I'm sure of it. It was 95 degrees. I got out of my sleeping bag. There was only one person in my house besides myself.

I'm sick.
I have a cold.
I walked into the bathroom. The wives used all of the tissue.
We ate a lot of meat and ketchup last night.
I ran into a towel rack.
My head is bleeding today, and the Twins won.

This is posted a day late.

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madam tyrant said...

Yeah, that was pretty rad, I think, I mean I was sleeping, but it sounded pretty rad the next morning. MODERATORASAURAS!! ROAR!!!