Sea Twins and The Albatross

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laura. said...

i saw you on the corner of 28th and lyndale today while i was speeding along in my very loud and obnoxious car. i hesitated to stop and offer you a ride to wherever it was you were going because it was all rainy. i felt bad.

i dunno, school shootings were so totally 5 years ago. i'm thinking masqueraded cotillions are the way i'm going to have to go. and by glossy i meant black lacquer, not Vogue. or even illusory gloss. i dunno. i hear you are working with mike at ywft. very nice. tell him i said hello, and that we should all have a beverage and a snack sometime like he keeps promising. yes. and i will then buy your artwork, and you can do some more math about time and money, if you like.