Writing Assignment A-1

I'm looking for some perspective on the word "Genesis." So, if you (any and all) could may or might... Post a comment in light of said word. Be it sentence, blurb, quote, story, commentary, autobiographical, biblical, or none of the above, all will be appreciated.
Thank you much.



TheGrza said...

Birth Commencement
Creation Dawning
Engendering formation
Generation inception
Opening origin
Outset Propagation
Provenance root source
People crying out loud, for crying out loud's sake.
first birth oration

Teacups, Toasters and Tables, I am here today at the outset of a journey. It's been many years since I went from a humble stack of compressors and valves to become your Refrigerator and in those years, I have worked hard for the people of this kitchen, staving off spoilage and cooling to the best of my ability. And that's why you've returned me, year after year, to the same position, next to the stove, and for this I am eternally grateful. That's why this is my home and will be my home for the rest of my life, and that's why today, I come before you to announce that as of 10 o'clock this morning, I am officially a candidate for the American Presidency for 2008.

But my campaign to become the President of the United States is why I'm here, so I might as well talk about it. I've seen many things in my years as your fridge, and I've learned a lot. I've learned about the average spoiling time of many brands of yogurt, and of the rising cost of lettuce. I've learned about energy, and lengths some people will go to to save a few pennies a decade by removing my light bulb, the same people who leave my door open for minutes at a time. I've also learned that while we are a great nation, a proud nation of laborers and families and businessmen and can openers, we are a nation again at a crossroads. Is that path toward the current, inside-the-beltwaymodus operandi ? The bickering and spiteful mud of long-dead minutia that our current leaders sink into, with their politicking and bitterness, or can we take the high road, and chill canned beverages, keep milk from curdling, and provide a home for generations of leftovers? Can we stand uptall, taller than any of the other appliances, and become the perfect place for phone books to pile on top of, the place for children's homework and finger paintings of turkeys, made from their little hands?

It won't be an easy path, and you're going to hear some stories, they're already floating. Stories about intimidation, about bribery, about tax-free loans and yachts and government contracts. But I was with you in the beginning, before the bread maker, before the mid-range "fancy" cheeses, before organic foods were cool, and because I was there, you know me. And you know the Refrigerator is not the type of refrigerator to bow to special interests or to coerce witnesses, and you all know that I am incapable of operating a yacht, because I have no arms or legs.

There is another thing they'll try to smear with, and you all know it. You might even think they're right from time to time. When you last elected me, I promised to serve in this task for the full six year term to which I was elected. I am, yes, breaking that vow. It is not without a heavy heart that I do so, but looking to the future I know that I can better aid the people of this kitchen in Washington, in the White House, than I could as the best kitchen refrigerator in the world. My thought process has changed since I was elected, as I'm sure yours has. The events of 9/11 were shocking, but the abuses and overreaches of the Bush Administration, and the feeble opposition of the Democrats, as well as the unstable economy and the Civil war brewing in Iraq, these were not to be foreseen, by me or anyone. With no one in Washington proposing common sense solutions, like coolant and butter shelves, like condiment rows and universal health care, I went through some soul searching and after careful consideration, including talking personally to many of you, I've decided that the only thing I can do is what my heart tells me, and that is to seek the Office of the President.

Join with me, my friends, as we march to Washington!

ETC said...

Genesis huh?
You ask for the beginning?
Which one. All things supposedly have their start. A drawing starts with one mark. A line, a sketch, opening a file, getting supplies ready, mixing paint, etc...
How about how I started drawing.
I used to draw guns and mohawks, reptiles with a background in ninjitsu, robots and mutants. I colored in a coloring book or two. They were hand me downs, so many of the pages had scribblings of random colors ignoring the supposed boundaries on the printed page. My sister had a Precious Moments coloring book that she meticulously shaded in soft blues and pinks. They were pristine and brought forth the realization of what time and attention provides for creation.
My two older brothers used to draw character profiles for GURPS, a role playing game. I really only remember coming across those drawings maybe twice in my childhood (besides the few tacked on their door with the match burnt edges), but I can truthfully say that they had largely formed how I was to think about drawing for the rest of my life.

What else
What else
What else

Narrative, beginning middle end.

G - enesis

B - eginning

S - tart

F - irst

G - o

Every present moment is the genesis of later.
Every present moment is the genesis of the past (assuming now is point a and the beginning the past is point b)

The seed is the genesis of the tree. Its place of residence ends as the mid point between root and tree. If the tree where to be a diagram for "genesis" it would not be linear, as in, point a to point b - as in drawing a line. Instead, assuming a is the starting point (the genesis), it would progress into b1 and b2, each going in opposite directions simultaneously from point a. Like two pencils starting at one point and proceeding in two opposite directions... and then i suppose, multiplying into multiple pencils which would in turn multiply into more pencils etc...

The progression that follows the point of genesis ("a") is not necessarily linear, but in reference to "a" from where ever it was, is, or will be. This applies to the physical, metaphysical, and chronological.

To imply a genesis, one automatically implies and end.
The alpha and omega are inseparable.

Once upon a time, somebody told a story. The end.

dent burntrap said...

מעשה בראשית

Hollingsworth J. McTubbins said...

Dude. I bought a GURPS book once. I always wanted to play. Made thirty or so profiles. Never once cried.

That is odd, I was trying to write "Never once played." - it came out different.

Nasty Nate the Monster Mumbler said...

Genesis- Peter Gabriel and other three guys= Phil Collins= Su Sussudio

dent burntrap said...

- Every present moment is the genesis of later.

you should put that saying into poster format with a picture of a rowboat beneath it.and a sunset or hmm a sunrise.

it could replace current cliches such as:

-Remind yourselves that your life begins now. (thank the country inn for that one)

or here's a goodie

-This is the first day of the rest of your lives.

...rowboats and crazy sun action included.

or you could shorten it up and translate it into latin
for example:

In principio erat awesome...

then you could totally throw down with those carpe diem assholes.

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I like the Genesis it has lots of names and and Arc or two. Bibamus Papaliter! The Games are fun too.
Though mine no longer works wish it did. I left my book in Minneapolis this weekend. I never really have any witty comments. I hate that.

ETC said...

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