cuntry rock and the dikes that make them

It has often been said that two points cannot meet more than once on any plane. Furthermore, the relative proximity of said points to any metabolic compound will only serve to further the already overbearing circumstances. Recent geological studies have concluded that although two planes can exist on a single load bearing point, the amount of points that can co-exist within the autonomous unit is still a raging debate among leading geologists around the world.
Studies in place-time management have led to various conclusions about the propensity for possible reallocation formulas. The systematic procedure by which geological conclusions are arrived at is something to truly be amazed by. In our assumptions about science we can often be led astray and come to often times outlandish conclusions concerning the grandiose purpose of this endeavour. Need I remind anyone of the grave consequences for inaction? While the geological community sits on their asses the rest of the world is getting rich of our ideas. Wake up!! Mantle, core, resources, lithosphere, this was us. Keith Urban, Toby Keith, Faith Hill...are these the names that come to mind when you hear the words country rock? When we talk about dikes, is this term appropriate, or socially uncouth. I will not waste any more of your precious time, my eager readers. However, it does appear that have come to an impasse of sorts. The scientific community will never accept our studies as serious work after what happened in Baltimore, what a disaster. Yet, the general populous has already raped out idea bank for popular science ideas to lure them into geology again. My fellows we are left with few options and even fewer resources. The time for debate is closing to a draw and the day when geologists all over the world will stand, some will sit, as one united group dedicated to a common proposition is clearly on the horizon. Men of honor! Women of servitude! Raise high your sword, your heart, and your mind. The hour of the geologist is upon us, and it shall wait no longer.


TheGrza said...

Time-warping scientists, big fucking brain assholes, crafty post shifting messiah. Bullshit,

Nasty Nate the Monster Mumbler said...

You're so very silly Dan. Everyone knows that Keith Urban, Toby Keith, and Faith Hill all fall under the genre of pop country. Cocksucker.

Dent Burntrap said...

I say also unto thee, That thou art Toby Keith and upon this rock (Eng., Toby) I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven.

Toby means country rock!