the tank is intacked and alive and well.

please support.
the tank (mufasa) and i spun out.
and totaled a couple of cars.
while trying to recede to the lyndale/hennipen exit.
please support.
Girl Behaving Badly (ch101).
im currently watching how funny it is.
please support.


TheGrza said...

Girls, behaving badly (ch101), I'm currently watching! How funny it is, please. Support the tank (mufasa) and I. Spun out while trying to recede and totaled a couple of cars. Please Support Lyndale/Hennipen Exit. Please. Support.

krs10 said...

It's comforting knowing my days of totaling cars in the eye of 35 are over and done. Another chapter closed. I support thee.

Mutant From Another University said...

I'll bend my bow to your will Sir.