The Same, but Different

  A                       B                       C        
"Eat your fries." M y Grandmother was ol der and meaner than
any of the other Gra ndmothers in this re staurant. Her hangin
g sacks of jowl-meat made me want to fuc king vomit. That, an
d the wrinkling smel l of pickled must. I hated her. "Why? Th
ese fries are disgus ting, I hate them." Her smile broke my s
pine; it stretched i mpossibly wide and f alse. The thin wax o
f her cheap lipstick mixed with spittle, pooled at the corne
rs of her mouth but the smile drew those pools to cling, dew
y, to the black post -menopausal pubis cl uttering her lip. "B
ecause Jesus Said So ."

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