Always leaving his sandwich almost eaten, always leaving his bike in the front yard, never really learned how to brush his teeth, got a GED, working his way the right side of the throne, an enemy of the South Dakota, an enemy of California, a friend of the Midwest, a path to glory. A victim of neutrality, a cause for the state, a burden on himself, words speed by, he catches a few, recites more than he can remember, has seen too many sunrises, and too many sets, and noons, and two's. He has spoken like our god and served as our subhuman concubine, his disease ridden body has traversed my rocky motherland...but not really, his eyes name stars that you can't hear and his sole hits the rocks and he knows how to survive. Rub them, rub them together, strike the match in the dark and find that bottle, we must survive. Have we packed enough things, have we given away enough necessities? Did you remember to call Kathy? Are you really gonna bring that? If you die, can I have your leather vest, PAF! Can I try on this hat? Why are we always watching you pack? I love it when somebody leaves. So you go then, off to mount this willing and eager beast that beckons and taunts you, throws itself at you, day after day after day after day after day...Slither if you must, crawl towards the end, you'll never get far enough away from your friends. Post your mark, mark your post..leave your post, so you can finally get high, Rocky Mountain, country roads, mountain mama. Throw rocks at those college kids and that dorky married couple. Let your ecological footprint be unnoticeable, may your sanctimonious thoughts be with you as you travel in toil. Spread the sagging intuition of your off-shore institution. I walked like a mile uphill the other day, that fucking sucked.

Walking to weather the wallowing wasteland of wisdom and the wind wizard that whirls while you wait. Wishing you wanted to walk, waking to waffle, wearing wounds like washing wages, you couldn't do it all at once, so now you do it in stages.

Another lifeless coma
Abandoned lying cunts
agnostic lazy cowboys
aggressive lethargic carlson
apathetic lewd crass
a lasting classification
apples loosing color
atheist. lost cause
Adhoc. leisure. corrosion
Abortion. lifeless. candy
A lonely child
Angsty Loathing. Chaos
Arbuckle Laboratory Control
A Leaf Crumbling
A life crushed


Dent Burntrap said...

Kathy? Does she live in the Kountry? listen to Kowz? kewl....

Anonymous said...

she's in the CCC


FYBS said...


ETC said...

Need a nap? The corporation isn't pumping you full of amphetamines? Not enough sleep during your week of paid daytime television?

Spoiled bitch.