Okay, so I really am begining to like George Tenet, and here's why:

Dude was on 60 minutes this weekend to defend his general douchebaggery in the War in Iraq, and to basically dispell rumors that he might be a tad responsible for one of the most poorly waged wars in modern history. There are three things that I am begining to like about George Tenet, and they are:

#1. Dude's got balls of steel. Big shiny polished balls of steel, and he pulls no punches. Dude is as brutally honest as you would ever see anyone from the CIA be.

#2. Dude honestly believed in what he was doing and got manipulated like a true tool by the Bush administration to justify their shit, then got the knife when they needed a scapegoat.

#3. He admits where he was wrong, and admits that there was a lot of speculation, but also admits that that's how the intelligence world works.

#4. Dude is mad passionate

#5. His last name is a palindrome.

Anyway, in the interviews, Tenet seems like the type of guy I'd like to have dinner with. Regardless of the fact that his words have been used as the diving board for the United States to fuck up Iraq, and other portions of the Mid-East. I mean, c'mon. Let's give the guy a break here, people. We all make mistakes in our daily jobs. The other day, I ordered a sandwich from Jimmy John's, and asked them to put mustard on it. When I got home - NO MUSTARD. See, same thing. Just much different scale. Cut the dude some slack, god damnit.



Hollingsworth J. McTubbins said...

you vote red?

FYBS said...

fuck no.

ETC said...

i voted for Meatwad

Dent Burntrap said...

when people ask me if I voted my face turns red.

noworldorder said...

when people ask me if I voted my face turns red.... and their's blue, and my hands cramp... knotted with rage... around their worthless neck... and then they die... and it was worth it, because voting and dying and choking are all awesome.

Reds too... reds are awesome.

Hollingsworth J. McTubbins said...


FYBS said...

Manta Ray?

USA said...

All the way

Anonymous said...

Dr. Awkward is a better palindrome

Anonymous said...

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feel your blood shed
free your bull shit
find yesterdays burning sphinx
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first you're butt second
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Finally you're Black Sabbath
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