Hating on Purple, huh?

What's up now?


ETC said...

would you have them from a butt?
would you eat them with a mutt?
would you smoke them with some treez?
would you consume them?
would you pleez?

i do not like them greggy greggz
i duz not like purple hamz and eggz.

would you listen in the rain?
could you cut it deep and like the pain?
could you wear them proud upon yer feet?
could you dye your favorite foodz to eat?

The Grza said...

Whoa. Biby is going to be pissed. He thought he stumbled onto something special, and I thought that all my advertising on Google India was working, and now it's all purple and ruined, like wine on a baptismal thong.

Greg, c'mon, if you were really Grimace, you would be awash in hamburger royalties and none of us would ever thirst for milkshakes that are weird and purple and talk like big fucking retards duh-duh-duhduh. But we do. Constantly. Thus, you are not Grimace.

Anna Nym said...

Violet! You're turning violent!

FYBS said...

Of course I'm not Grimace, Grant. That's just silly. It's just that a certain someone decided that getting his e-panties in a e-wad over a purple shirt and a comment about his sibling would be worth waging e-war with a dude who can obviously out-purp his ass anyday of the week. Turning the blog purple was just the next step in a series of e-counter strikes aimed at neutralizing the fascist thinking of of a strong-armed color dictator.

... and fuck Biby.

Anonymous said...

for your boyz. Sabatoge

for the record, I own a purple shirt, and off the record, I didn't have a problem with your purple shirt, this friendly exchange of half-cocked nonsense is loaded with heterosexual overtones, and if my sister was an ottoman she would take it like a man and clench her teeth and pretend she's on a deserted island with Brad Pit and that guy from Gray's Anatomy, watching them blow each other, or whatever it is that women do during sex, at any rate, you are the resident expert when it comes to nailing my sister...

complementary color said...

I'm Yellow... You're Great!

Purple Haze said...

I'm Green.

aqua said...

hit me up if u need any o that tertiary shit.