the 420th parallel club will now be called to session

When the deeds of many are judged by the deeds of few we shall surely see the curses of humanity fall before us. These times pass by us and we welcome them. Here is the place where we dismantle our fears. Our lust. We indulged our fanaticism and let it engulf us. Our Hymns have come to bear too much. These absolutes that rule us must be laid to rest. Put to death. We have no rose. We have each other. This explosion is to be heard, not scrolled by. What actions must be taken to demonstrate our dedication? Sensations of loss and grasping are to be embraced and taken advantage of. History becomes shorter and farther away as each passing day withers and falls to the decadence of repetition.

The modern man lurks behind your every step and begs for your compliance. Bear him no allegiance my friend. For he swears none. In this age of unacceptable gains trust is in short order and we must stand back to back. Gone are the days of forced production. The city is your field. The struggle to decipher debauchery from earnest endeavors becomes a minefield. Tread carefully, my fellow fiend, as we wallow in this age. For as we come to terms with this passing era a time will surely come when we must lean, and lean hard. The higher our flags fly the easier we shall find our savior in this fog. Revel in these connections, few are so lucky.


Hollingsworth J. McTubbins said...

BroDeMoz + Shittletonz

The struggle to decipher debauchery from earnest endeavors?

There is no struggle, my friend, just way more shit to swim through than than there used to be.
I blame our the pillow of comfort that is Amerika or modern media's brainwashing of the populous-convincing them that anyone can be a star.

At the same time those assholes are probably looking over into out yard wondering why we're just sitting around drinking beer, smoking pot and complaining about our neighbors.

Another question: What is the next counter culture (after grunge) to be repackaged for the next generation of consumers with expendable income? Are they planning on making another 70's show? The gaps of time between needing something fresh and the reselling of an era gets shorter and shorter as we move toward present day. "Here, don't you want to buy this shirt you wore yesterday?"

Whoops. Tangents.

Hollingsworth J. McTubbins said...

Fuck. We might as well start writing the sequel to Fight Club®.

Anonymous said...

we recycle what is easy. grunge is easy to recycle. the formula is known and the elements are readily available. When the symbols of a theoretically socially subversive counter-culture i.e. grunge movement are largely if not entirely cosmetic and superficial, the process is simple. What is it, flannel shirts, shitty long hair, shorts and combat boots, needle marked arms. The music was the impetuous, the mecca for the originals. But anybody that didn't get filthy rich from the commercialization probably still looks like they did in 1990. Not anything like Dave Grohl, nancy boy. Punk is even easier to recycle. punk is what we recycle when we can't think of anything good to recycle. What is it, Mohawk, black shirt, Chuck Taylors, patches with skulls. Never mind any philosophical element to it. Hot Topic. The commercialization of anti commercialization
Anarcho- consumerism. So punk looks cool, for the most part. It sells. Fuck the back story. It doesn't matter. Music, gangs, art, literature, earnest subversive behavior, FTW!! Fighting to stay unrecognized and unorganized. Fighting for creative control, minus the control. That shit lasted for like a year tops, before people caught on in the local circles and changed the world. But punk is easily repackaged not only fort 13 year old girls, but for "punks" themselves. The fact that they all dress the same doesn't fucking matter. It's the fact that you know that their dedication to "the life" ends at the peek of their Mohawk. We all dress the same, we all wear clothes. The number of Mohawks on people that aren't involved in some nefarious plot to blow up a government building is higher than ever. This is why we will recycle hippy culture and punk culture until the end of fashion. It is also why we will never be able to successfully package and market "beat" culture to the masses. There is no overarching visual. What is it, berets, goatees, turtlenecks, black framed glasses. Being a beat from a fashion or cosmetic perspective comes to close to being a fucking high art connoisseur. What made them who they were was their ramp id insanity. And literature. Spontaneous Creativity doesn't sell as a packaged idea.

"...modern media's brainwashing of the populous-convincing them that anyone can be a star."

We are constantly told that everyone any anyone can be a "star" in this age. With U-tube and myspace and a plethora of other online outlets there are millions and millions of more people failing at what they do than ever before. So much of what is produced by the online crowd is self-indulgent and littered with inside jokes that appeal to limited amount of people. Talented people that could be much smarter and more innovative are functioning at a much smaller capacity to fill a much smaller role in their ever shrinking community and universe. For an example of such an online community concerning itself primarily with itself please visit theshitizens.com

Hollingsworth J. McTubbins said...

you still didn't answer my question.

Anonymous said...

what the fuck:
Q:What is the next counter culture (after grunge) to be repackaged for the next generation of consumers with expendable income?

A: First, I need you to focus like a lazer beam. You mean after the current wave of grunge marketing, or do you mean that there has been a distinct counter-culture movement since grunge, i.e. skateboard culture, metal/emo "culture", and you are asking which one will be packaged next? Skateboard culture will be resold as soon as it dies, which it has already a lot. It's not nearly as bad ass as in used to be even 7 or ten years ago. So, professor, my answer is skateboarding/punk culture.

Q: Are they planning on making another 70's show?

A: If they're not, they will be.

Q: "Here, don't you want to buy this shirt you wore yesterday?"
A: yes