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This is a revolution of government funds. Our leaders, fired in the Public Good, have a brittleness only found in the strong. They don't look like the strong. They sweat out of their pleats, and make Rorschach in the folds of their store bought t-shirts. And yet, you will lead us? Against the strong, L'Etat? I thought he was strong, L'Etat, but instead, He is asleep. //The public good that he defends is not asleep//The Wealth that he covets is not asleep// He is falling behind.

"The wealth is like a margarine, to be spread evenly across the toast of man." L'Etat is more eloquent than I but even the lowly mass can see THESE PRIVATEERS for what they are. Look, how for profit, they rape and steal, but worse, how they take those profits out of the community. //Even I can see this//Even I am allowed to see this//.

Be wary of the Public, they are scheming. Their interest is in broken rackets and water-fountains and I have no more with it. Are you changing for the worse//I know I am. If God is Happy for Us, Good for God, but with opinions inverted//thus righted//We are now victorious. Socialistas, I call them all the dirty red names that I call them. We are the PRVTSKTOR, and when we make it to the shoddy, prole-made gates, we'll smash them down. Our one voice is confident with our well-made battering rams//One-meter-length//Designed in Switzerland//Boutique Steel//.

Do you still have it in you to listen? I am no liar, but a vessel for bigger lies. I have the truth and I panic//We have been betrayed by an ordinary dialectic. The pretense is war for the forces of power. They were long distance collaborators, barking orders over their own lines, when we were at our own throats.

Now look at them, look at their boundary. It is mushy//There are gobs. It is a weld, and welding themselves together, when they're finished, they will be a wall. Two hundred//feet/One Thousand//miles//A wall, all around, it reads PUBLICPRIVATEPUBLICPRIVATEPUBLICPRIVATEPUBLICPRIVATEPUBLICPRIVATEPUBLICPRIVATE
Read it yourself. oneword//twospellings//butaloop, it is to be read all the way around. A UTOPIA of INSTITUTION::and we are the beneficiaries.

>>>Panic.  Panic, Panic.  And Run.>>>


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