Gravity is for the Birds

I was sitting. I was drinking coffee. I was working. Diligent...
"Hey Eric... What are you up to tonight?"
"Ummmm... Dunno. Working on stuff."
"You wanna go flying?"
"Ummmm... Yeah. Are you serious?"
"Yeah, theres a guy outside. You're going with him."

Sweet Pee pulls out a plane from a large metal pocket.

We pose. We're warriors too. They're I.T. guys at 3M... I'm into it.

There is an alien face on the airplane ceiling, and I get the whole backseat - Luxury. Soon, the wheels leave the tarmac to crumble upon the wretched earth. Our precious physics keep us safely nestled in dynamic flux. We move in every direction at once.

Minnesota falls into the center of the earth.

Then the sun explodes.

This is what I look like hundreds of feet in air... as seen by a 3M I.T. guy. Tape that to the wall.

Thank you Walgreens.

We drop a Lazy 8 and the sun explodes once again.

We grace Wisconni with landing made of melted cheese, and high tail it back to Minnesota.

The entire experience was thoroughly amazing. We burned fuel and hurled through the sky with no where to go besides up and down and over and back. It felt profound. It was profound. It wasn't.

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Dent Burntrap said...

fly fly fly fly....