Greg Gets Real - Post No. 1

This is the first entry of a new segment for me personally. I'm going to start a new weekly editorial, published exclusively for the fine people here on theshitizens. The name of the series is: Greg Gets Real.

That's right, it's time to put down the normal restraint I show on this message board,take the gloves off, and get really real for a minute, ya dig?

Week 1:The Tormenting of Small Insect (Confessions of a serial insecticidal maniac)

I just killed a big ass fly, dude. For real, you shoulda seen the size of this fucker. Anyway, he doesn't look as impressive now, what, with half his body puree-ed in this copy of The believer, and his other half doing its best Jackson pollack (sp?) Impression on the wall over there. Not so smug now are you, stupid fly? Haha. Retard.


Hollingsworth J. McTubbins said...

Post Pix Pleez.

Frankie, baby just call me Frankie. here, doll, here's a twenty, now whadaya say you go get us a ... said...

"No pictures. Ya got that? I said no fuckin' pictures!" (turns to limo driver) "Wh( is this guy? Half a fag?"

the believer said...

to bad that moth from last night didn't read up on the latest shitizens digs... coulda saved his life.

FYBS said...

true that.