Have you all moved away since I've gone insane?

Just throwing that out there.


Concerned in Cincy said...

You were dangerous. I was scared and I have been told I'm pretty brave for my age. And no one wanted to listen to your "theories".

There are rules here. Chief among them is sanity, motherfucker. You're sick. That means you have an illness, a defect. That means go to a hospital.

No. NO! No. No we didn't move away from your just to set up a shack somewhere for a few weeks until you got better. We have a new life here, our kids are making friends. And...And I've already taken a lover.

This isn't going to be quick, or painless. You're really fucked up. We're talking years of treatment. We're sorry, but we just can't wait.

We love you, and this is goodbye.

ETC said...

Since I left I've thrown all sorts of things out.

We've gone away
we move insane