'/-|=|{- ,|'/>:||

.-There was a spill._-
.-A leak._-
.-I think we were poisoned._-
.-It was months ago, they feel fine._-
.-We are Rebels, Rebels Strong._-
.-The newcomers say they can smell it._-
.-If they heard us, they beat us._-
.-Every second of your life, I pray for it to get worse._-
.-He doesn't care if I remember any of you._-
.-I will protect you, if it comes to that._-
.-Will it change on it's own[.
.-Or will we have to die[.
.-Or can we lie to save our hide[.
.-Tell us you never cared._-
..=We will let you go..=||
.-I don't know the compulsion._-
.-But this was my confession._-

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