merlin said...

you have angered me, prepare to dual. we shall meet at the usual location to determine who the real wizard master is. you bring the wind.

Webster's Collegiate Dictionary said...

Pronunciation: 'dü(-&)l also 'dyü-&l
Function: adjective
Etymology: Latin dualis, from duo two -- more at TWO
1 of grammatical number : denoting reference to two
2 a : consisting of two parts or elements or having two like parts : DOUBLE b : having a double character or nature

Pronunciation: 'dü-&l also 'dyü-
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English, from Medieval Latin duellum, from Old Latin, war
1 : a combat between two persons; specifically : a formal combat with weapons fought between two persons in the presence of witnesses
2 : a conflict between antagonistic persons, ideas, or forces; also : a hard-fought contest between two opponents

ETC said...

werd battles. rough.

Anna Nym said...

I love Websters, but the full OED etymology would have truly rocked my grammarian world.