Has it been ages? Its been ages.
$10/hr. I'll say it. Ten. But you continue. You never stop. You have fingers that do what your mind commands. And soon. SOON! You will quit your dayjobs and tend your web logs day and night. Uninterrupted. Ceaseless updates. What makes you tick? Te11 me things, for you alone can break me from my constant brooding ways. Bring forth the FREE MUSIC DOWNLOADS - I'm frothing at the neck.

So I hear you finally made it big time - hundreds care! - attentive audience - mindless droves. The endless hoards lick your nubby toes, and dribble mouth juice at the jest of another rhyming word. And ohhh is whoa is me... Where do you find your blessed words. Such verbose and thorough suggestion... food for thought. Nourish bent encouragement.

Hold on. I am loosing track.

I'm back! (for a moment, if taht) TAHT'S RIGHT!


Hollingsworth J. McTubbins said...

better than seven, though.
better than brethren, no.

krs10 said...


taht taht taht taht

Anonymous said...

as free as leavenworth
as high as good yeast
in crisis from birth
in our name we feast