Some relevant pictures

Me and some rocks.

A beast! She's so lovable...

New haircut. Not so new to those of you who haven't seen me since December, but this is my first haircut since then.

Me with boyfriend James.

Hiking with Iggy Igloo (Manitou's only drunk punk) and Richard (a really cool guy who doesn't like Jesus)

Darla and Adrian. Darla looks and sounds exactly like Shelby. She is an extremely sweet girl. Adrian is kind of a dolt and we wish she wasn't dating him.

Steve spinning fire in a cemetery. If you look closely you can see me sitting in the background.

Matt keeps bees and juggles. Also makes jam.

Me with Iggy Igloo. Yeah those are boobies. Sorry, Aaron...


Dinah being adorable.

Dmitriy! The one in the Wu Tang shirt.
(The other fools are James, me, Steve's psycho date, Steve, and emo Thomas)
Famous Dmitriy quotes (to be read in a thick Russian accent):
"Are you kids on ecstasy or something??"
"It's like a vending machine - except it sucks your dick!"

Me with Nils from Sleepytime Gorilla Museum. Nope, not on drugs. Just very happy.

Proof that I didn't start the night out looking that scary...

Some mountains...


Anna Nym said...

You say the dog is adorable. I say it's collecting the energy to viciously maul you. Just look at how it indiscriminately shits where it wants, with zero consideration to you or whoever may step in it. It's a menacing menace. With sharp teeth that are guilty of some huge quantity of reported dog bites.

I had a work retreat last week, and we did this lame activity where you right down four things about yourself. 1) Something you have in common with everyone in the room, 2)Something you have in common with half the people in the room, 3) Something you have in common with only 2-3 people in the room, and 4) something unique to you. These were read randomly, and people sat down when something was read that didn't apply to them. The last person standing was the owner, and you tried to guess who it was before it came down to the last entry. Some girl wrote, "I think pit bulls make good pets" as her second entry, and everyone but her sat down. It was funny. Pit bulls are well-muscled satans.

krs10 said...

I have yet to meet someone who doesn't like Dinah. I got a cat person (someone who generally dislikes dogs and favors cats significantly) to like, not just Dinah, but dogs across the board simply by getting to know Dinah. My Schizo, bipolar, multiple personalities neighbor lady across the street has a phobia of pitbulls, and almost asked if she could take her in she is so in love with her. The crazy cat lady two houses down from me swears Dinah has the best temperment of any dog in the neighborhood.

But all of these opinions matter little. As with yours. What matters is that I know she's a great dog, a wonderfully sweet companion, with a gentle, forgiving , and loyal disposition. She's my girl. :)