Thoughts on the Recent Performance of Bishop Desmond Tutu's "Calumny and the Jews"

Harpsichord! In the middle of my tremendous passage! Here, when I mean to say "Strength", when I'm trying to break these people's necks to the tune of "Power", I've got a pile of twinklings! A little baby's laugh or something sweet and kind, I didn't hear this when we wrote it either because you told me Harpsichords were old-fashioned and classy. Look at it! It's even pretty! It's got flowers and molding and pastels! Where do you find a pastel Harpsichord if you're not trying to fuck me on this one? Did it trick you? Think of it before my audience and try not to weep. That box is too beautiful for you to have been mistaken, it must be alive! It must have sang at you, it must have told you that you were two graceful souls dancing on this slaughter-bench of history! Your eyes must have grazed each other and she looked into your curls and hatbox shaped head and you must have heard the willow catkins gracefully touching down on an Autumn rose, slightly wilted, sorrowful and dying but dying with grace.

But I told you exactly what I wanted; a Mining Haul, brilliant and autocratically yellow, and I wanted to hear it scream off an abused hillside, flying a foot off the ground, while grunting tires chewed off the tops of the last prairie grass and then I said something about two hundred thousand pounds of Tonka smashing into a roll, spinning over ends into a forest fire! Find me a harpsichord that can do that! You incompetent fuck!

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