The Listochki.
After the lines of lis
The tochki.

I am 22 years old and have no grayhairs on my head.
Good for me.
I am listening to the ground. It asks me if grayhairs inevitable?
and laughs at my response.
Then try to shave your head.
The razor will break off.

But there are facts!
An important fact is reducible and appealing.
Give it long legs and lipstick,
Steamy blonde hair, inside her convertable.
She should appeal to me, with antiques and blemishes-

You must wreck her car!
Drive her through an ice-cream stand
Bash-up the bumper!
Tell me that you've broken her neck.
Now I can love her.

That is reducible. It appeals.
Give me a table and invite a hundred of my friends.
And put her across it.
Tell them to sit by me!
Let her poor neck flop around
and draw her eyes wildly. She is looking for help
We finish our meal.
Me and a hundred of my friends.

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