your disrespect has consequences

you can have'm
let e'm walk
trains and people
littered by classy plastic
filth and grime
hear say and crass remarks
i am a good hearted man and i always think of high interest
part time philosophers and grocery store clerks
making low interest payments on assembly lines
heads out to the steep hills and long jumpers
those tots are hots and loaded for the scraps
long winded poets are wearing out their welcomes in your houses and hearts, begging for an advance on your patience and wherewithal, they are strutting and stuttering in empty backyards and broken stoops, they call to the moon and frolic in it's pale indifference, our guests have complained and have begun to dress, leaving forever, disgusted, we plead with them saying "No, no, it's cool take your clothes back off and stay, they are just drunk and wild, never been here before i'll talk to them, have another drink and relax, i'll be right back" everybody be cool you're freaking out the _ _ _ _ _ _ _, HAVE MERCY!! They could not be reasoned with, beckoning for answers, calming disasters, shady consequences, open war, love was every were.
(ropes) high----tight
(shoes) high----dirty
(friend) high----dirty
(street) high----loose
(credit) high----fucked
(slack) NONE!!


SBYF. said...

Yeah dude, totally.

Techno Fronts. said...

Hey, here's a noose.
Git loose.