Listen, I know how hard this has been on everyone but you've got to know that somewhere inside that wacky, nude princess is the little girl you love. Sure, her sparkling blue eyes have been replaced with diamond encrusted nipples, but goddamn it, it's tough out there! The world is a crazy mixed up place for a girl like her and she needs somebody to understand what it's like to be thrown under our bus.

You understand. You once stood at the doorway, and faced a world gone mad. Drugs, money, and sweaty, juicy sex splashed over the lips of your youthful bathtub, like white wine poured over your naked breasts. It hurt us to see you like that, to lose yourself in the pleasure and forget everyone who stood by you on your way to the top. Not just us, that's too easy, She was there too. It was her luxurious red mane that dried your tears, her coy hips that pumped away your troubles, her delicate nipples on her full breasts, the same breasts that are so disgusting to you now... I remember when the thought of those befreckled nips would give you the moaning full-body quakes, and now that she's in trouble you just throw them away like two old tin cans?

No. No more name calling, no more tears. It's a beautiful day outside, and we've got some work to do.

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