♪♪A Ro-bust System of Or-dered Liiib-er-ty♪♪

Good luck criminals, because this May Day, America is on the hunt for law-breakers, opium-takers, thing-fakers, and violence-makers, muck-rakers, and system-shakers.

Here's a poem for the occasion:

In the land of freedom
I feel like Law gets a bad rap.
Nobody wants to be told what to do anymore
Well, maybe that's why the world is so terrible.

When people think I'm the boss,
Telling them what to do.
I get angry at them.
It's not like that, I want to say.
I'm just your social mores written down.
Is there anything so wrong with that?

When they talk about me telling them what to do
I just want to force them to stop.
I'll tell you what I want to tell them what to do.
Stop thinking like that.
Or I'll put you in jail.

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