the sinking is not complete until the ship is empty
the ship will never be empty
those bound for glory will lay with it until the bottom swallows it and it is lost
those that seek only pleasure
those that do not seek glory
those that do not seek

(for those that hide)

for the weak and unintentional, there is escape
cast yourself from the deck
let the ocean wash your wretched and limp carbon composite to shore
be guided by the guiders who shuffle you through their magic gates
cling to one another as if the trip was important
pray for those who remain
prey on the lost and lonely
those on the ship are having all the fun
and consuming all the agony

they will consult our notes for insight
they will study our movement
they will seek meaning where it was not intended
they will infer
they will rescind
they will make up lies to sell their rags
they will leave little to the imagination
they will ask the public to believe it
they will make heroes

don't worry. someone else will cash your checks.

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