When the trying ends and the parties are over the true initiation of the group will start with the veterans holding up their brilliant case for the world to see and the rest to embrace. The enchanted one’s are gonna last forever so long as the movement can rest on your shoulders where the old timers come to pass some time and the greedy heads can turn their mind to the resting ones on the shores of your broken dreams. They all remember the time when you fell flat on your face on the brink of hell and disaster struck twice when you were born as the end of your tail is an in-depth look in to the ultimate fate of the universe and logic and reason as a whole. The ideas that would come flying from your mouth could only be described as the ramblings of a criminal mastermind with no intention of action. Too many men of our generation have seen their ideas been put to misuse by the trials of other cruel and wicked men. Were it not for our superior governing tools we would no doubt be at the mercy of these thugs. Barbarians are not an extinct people, nor will they ever be. For it is not a blood line but a brain line. Not a matter of instinct but intuition. They greedy among us will show themselves to be the monsters that they are and remove the cloaks from their backs and the daggers from their teeth. Then there will be no doubt as to who the real criminals are. Those that fail, those that quit, those that do not swim in deep waters, those that embody the useless, and those that are alarmed by fear all will feel the sword of inadequate judgment thrust through them and into the earth so that they may be tethered to their wretchedness. And those that follow the greedy and pick up their scraps and tend to their desires will be cast down to clean the infected boils of society. The scum and the filth will eat them alive while they toil in endless desperation, clinging to false icons and hope of redemption and salvation, which shall never arrive. Only in final desperate pleas will they finally come to realization after realization that they have been mislead, or lead at all. They shall no longer lead and they shall no longer follow, they shall merely preclude themselves in to infinity. With the guiding hand of truth and the unwavering shadow of mercy, we press on through troubling times. In the most harrowing of cases of self preservation we must look through the mirror and not consume ourselves into perpetual self loathing and uselessness. The cruel ramblings of harmonious existence will not be sounded. Praise on 2thee.

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