Presentation to the People

In this presentation, I have several points to make, please sit down first while I make them. Point 1.

  • 1.) Economics are not issues that are necessary to be known by you. You are reading the news and the news shows you pictures with lines dropping steeply and you intuit this is an endtime. This is not for you to read, because you think everything is an endtime.
  • 2.) A house is a perfect investment for a person who wants to live in a place that is inside. People who are dying now are not the people who are like you, inside, but people who thought they could profit from other people wanting to do so, and those people are now outside, ironically.
  • 3.) Further, when you react to these situations, you are often, so often, often wrong. Wrong not morally, but totally, wrong in your body language and your slumping shoulders are giving Wall Street Analysts gloomy feelings that are passed by television and televised graphs and newspaper graphs onto Wall Street Traders and then by telephone to the Market where they are reflected into a loop, and then a bounding spark and then an ember.
  • 4.) This should be the endtimes for your whining. Have you considered that?
  • 5.) Because of you, I must use an analogy. The world is a skateboarding person. This person goes down the ramp (total economic failure) in order to ramp off the ramp and spin grasping in the air like an angel (moderate levels of economic growth, 5% stable unemployment rate, low inflation).
  • 6.) Investing is what you were told to do, by the newspapers with graphs showing lines going precipitously upward, but you did not and now you have because you did not before. You are a proud owner now in the owner society, an investor in the market, with all the vests and eyeglasses and haughty demeanors that entails. Use it. Tomorrow, go outside in a suit and crow to your neighbors who may not know they are also owners. Do it quickly! before your advantage is ruined.
  • 7.) You never know. Anything, most of the time, you don't know it, but you never know also that if you walk around in a suit and crow about your winnings if maybe those people who listen too closely to you listening too closely to them listening on the rickety old telephone to the market, why doesn't the market get an e-mail account?, they might listen to your crows and say, Wow! this person is not going to pull their money out of the bank simply because it's going to fail, they're in it to win it for the long haul. They will then reset the market back to victory.
  • 8.) Finally, the impression that I've been getting about all of this is that your are scared. In response to this impression, I've said many things in a numbered list and you might have found some of those comforting, I'm sure you must have, they are all comforting facts. But you might have read poorly and become scared in the middle of an example or something and stopped reading so now your fear is greater and the sense of the endtime is physical, you are vomiting and weeping all day instead of going to your job. No more, instead, understand the important points, and get yourself dressed for the day. The sun is shining, and no market can collapse that, although, some markets can, be careful.

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