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Anonymous said...

Is the idea to have substance?
A flash; the flesh subsides.
Question what you know,
take the rest as supplement.
Its all that I can be consumed by,
nutrition that neuters.

Monks and murderers know of affliction.
Success, communication.
Finally, beyond words.

And sidewalks and streets?
Do cities pray?

I'm on my hands and knees
but what gives?
God has given plenty,
and Enlightenment
has taken much.

I've lost more,
lost my Faith.
Damningly undemanding.

Silence saturating sense,
bright lasting sound,


i've lost all integrity
how muchly this poem means something else

Anonymous said...

how swiftly this poem means nothing else

Anonymous said...

//is the idea to have a substance?
//no flash - on flesh
//: "what you know?"
// one
// take 2


\/do cities prey?
/\should you?


//want more
//lost touch
456out of time.

//sense silence
//sound lasting
//all around -u-s- and alone

Alan said...
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Anonymous said...

I need to clarify something before I go on and on
Again, let me remind you I cried once
Today looking at photographs of jumpers leaping to and from their death off burning buildings-
These Towers were perfect-
Ly in line with a yellow sky;
Painting the face of Contrast.


-loose bodies limp with anticipation
-accenting a smokey glow
-stirring from context
-it was terrible
-the giants + 2

forget it. just remember the Alamo

Anonymous said...

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go:dah dit. dit.

... . .
dah.dit.dit. dit dah dit. dah dah dah. dit dah dit.

dit dit dit. dah. dah dah dah. dit dah dah dit.

... . .
.. _ _ ..

|is having fun a pun?|

Anonymous said...

ate ' nt