a funtesteec leck ooff treeoomph

zeese-a vere-a hulloo und meuneengless vurds. zeese-a vere-a meunt tu hoort und zeese-a vere-a meunt tu peeerce-a. it ves a terreeble-a cluood. ve-a ere-a cooght in reeen. ve-a ere-a drooneeng. deestunt buets cresh in oooor terreeble-a und unffurgeefing cluoods. beeches ere-a cufered in vrecked und bluudy mee. und zeeur cergu is iferyvhere-a. yeers, decedes, und centooreees ooff secrets spreed oon oooor sueel. deceyeeng und currudeeng. buttles leened up fur precteece-a. veeeting tu ixplude-a. leuneeng oon lueded goons und resteeng oon oooor fezeer’s roosty ermur. zeere-a veell be-a nu iqooeleety. thees is oooor steel. thees is oooor teeme-a. ve-a ere-a preyeeng fur reeen. ve-a ere-a pretendeeng tu prey.


cesooelteees. Bork Bork Bork!


Alan said...

you'-re paint-ing cab-in-ets white
and you don't mind an-
-y splat-ter
on this kind of tuesday
you find it ea-sy to lose
your-self in the strokes
you did-n't both-er gett-
-ing dress-ed
on this kind of tuesday
you have have big thoughts
like globs of sem-i-gloss, and
you could drown in the
smell of things;
it's that kind of tuesday;
the dried paint in your an-y-hair
re-minds mem-ory. it'-ll wash out in
a few days, fitt-ing, as you'-ll soon
for-get it af-ter
this kind of tuesday
is a two-coat 'day, three-or-four,
where you weren'-t sure
you'-d been there be-fore
and that's quite all right
on this kind of tuesday
you'-ve got eyes for the bone
and the cream and the "just what
you'-re look-ing for", even though the light-ing makes
it all look grey
on this kind of tuesday
you just be-came a-ware of the ba-lance
of things and
how lone-ly you can be
you find that assum-ing
on this kind-of tuesday

Anonymous said...

null is for Thursday
today is always a Thursday

Alan said...