No, I mean, obviously, cut it in half.

I'm not going to pay for a whole one.

That's not true. Sometimes I need them, and then you charge me for them, but not today. And not that chin. I don't have the thing to grip it.

Look, it's got a stain on it even.

I'm in here all the time and I'm friendly and I talk with you, like a neighborhood guy.

I bet most people don't do it, because I don't know if you know but it smells real strong right here, right in this pocket, but I stand here and I talk to you.

Sometimes I tip, somedays, and you don't have a jar or anything, so—

Ok, I'm not the only one. Fine, I'm an asshole who comes in here, just like the other assholes.

I am not interested in your garbage shove it in your ass I don't want it because I don't have to take every piece of shit you leave attached to your merchandise like necks too, or chests or something, or a shoulder you keep the shoulders and the necks and the hats and chins and fuck yourself.

Because it's destabilizing. That's not the word. It's unstabilizing, I think.

Just the one. It's a Thursday. My Thursdays, I keep light.

No, I mean, obviously, keep the mustache.

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