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I am a shitizen (when the citizens don’t behave) and no rules, regulations or general civil public behaviour applies to me. I learnt this lesson last Friday on my trip to Dubai for a desert safari. Now if you have taken a package aren’t you supposed to reach the pick up point on time? But shitizens are not bothered they are busy shopping at the mall. They are not bothered that because of them the entire group is been delayed and they may not be able to avail all that is been offered by the tour operators. We missed out on most of the activities at the safari. The kids could not go for sand skiing, quid biking and camel ride because our shitizens where breaking the line and were pushing 7-8 years old out of the queue. By the time we reached there it was already dark, we just did some dune bashing and headed straight to the camp where the food was served and the last thing on the list was belly dancing. Our shitizens were having such a good time with the dancer and everyone else was just nodding their heads in disgust. Through out the trip not even once did our shitizens felt guilty or apologised for being late or for being such a pain in the … (you know where) through out the trip. Next time we will be more careful about whom we go out with.

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