It is the elimination of the face. A repetition and a shield, get out from behind my shield. To square, non-elimination of the face, my own shield and a repetition, placing deeper in my system, like an organ (pineal gland have split personality too)
, I think, that is why I am so bothered.

Circles and a draping line and could not draw. Before when I draw, accuracy. Not accuracy. Subtle combination in mind, and arrogance, another getting-behind-my-line. If I am trying to hide- hid I did, spun out I tried not to draw them, before when I drew. I was not very good, so drawing accurately wasn't an issue, but I have an imagination and I would spin out faces in subtle combinations.

First- /// None. person voice is elimination of the face. Obsess- to do needs a face inside one head. To have a head is to miss -- no contradiction here, no faces to contradict-- a face is rooted in facism but not-- I have no terminal-- you knew that already.

Interiorit// Perhap/- End. No end. On Us. Endonus. Noendonus. The place where a face is n't. Schrijf in mijn hoofd, you can't see in mijn-- End.

,moment, moments ago in my bed. A moment stretch forever in two direction; Sense meaning: Causal is being-al. I be of my cause continue, and be continuing in mijn hoofd causing. Read-- Endonus. No!endonuS. Continue, hand-eye-face no face circle, moment circle, same circle, noendon.

,moment, momentsago in mijn bed. If in two directions, have I/not I/part have part piece in moment in two direction. In past is moment part being-al, in future is moment futur-al- endonus.

Future retain our mirrorless monitors. Unflect, flect, unflect. A bureacracy of squares is-- and no word for the sense in my stomach of supreme tightening but I want to cry about it., our soft unreflective... no more in books.

hey Thing. You broken in-- No broken in-- No _endon_ uS

I am broken of hands, not of mind, good night.

Repository for all bullshit, but vomits out again.

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