Theory of Distraction

Proposal: Twin suggestions; one that distraction is dangerous, a threat to liberal democratic westernized government, one that distraction is perhaps primary to thought.

First, Danger. Leaving aside neurological assertions, historicism presents cheap models to sell the premise: words like tyranny and the Dark Ages arise, both referencing periods where, mythically, prior knowledge was erased because of an intellectually empty opposition, neither with internal definitions beyond the rhetorical empty space of no-creation or no-safety, a place of forgetting, not of Dante or reactionary politics. Follows: Distraction is: Proliferation of Difference. Tyranny is: Definitively not the proliferation of differences, instead elimination. To broaden, further, thesis one becomes: periods of chaos and distraction lead to intellectual shallowness that prevents the formation of forward thinking, creative and powerful minds, that therefore allows reactionary and violent despots to crush them easily. See other historical empty spaces: Revolutionary Soviet Russia, Weimar. Tedium and a reductive conservatism suggesting that we require a firm base for freedom to operate from, probably not true. But a therefore, therefore: we need to cultivate a secure space (a non-free space, non-distracted, non-proliferative space.) in order to have freedom in lesser varieties. Empty space of history again, gap, blind to own irony. Suppose: What if it is true? What is the therefore now? We have a structure where reactionary elements are stirring in the face of the wild, rambunctious revolutionary/libertine society, but those revolutionaries/libertines are too distracted by their ungrounded overliberation to recognize it. When the reactionaries come, they are dismissed as ineffective because the distractions render them invisible; they do not speak the language than can penetrate the cloud around the heads of heads-in-clouds. Dismissals are cheap, glib (here a nestling truth? Glibness is mind-absenteeism, certainly) and lack essentia creativity, forward-thinking thought, therefore: Reactionaries win, tyranny triumphs, vapid artists have their insidious decadence restrained by bits and collars like beasts. Problem: If we suppose, for instance, then we are driven to act, yes? Action: Limit distraction, moment of ideas: Explicitly, a restriction on the overly distracted society because it fails to slow its revolution long enough to retain a solid base (or to rephrase: fails to become reactionary enough to perpetuate its revolution.) We now demand institution of a minor tyranny of social organization by threatening with the hammer of tyranny, again. We have become, in this instance, our own counter-revolutionaries, and we will blossom, if we can hold our breath long enough to take ourselves seriously, into the tyranny we prophesy/embody.

This is all being facetious. See:principle of monetary policy regarding inflation for instance. Historical empty spaces are not empty when they are intelligible, only empty of force, or some force. Real proposition, which is two-fold; 1) Distraction is increasing, and 2) This inhibits the productive continuation of the revolution.

Proposition two: Primacy of Distraction. Obviously not in history before we hatched out of eggs. Metaphor of non-existential art-creation: Ideas become creations composed of distraction (our minds continually conforming to old distractions now structures or memories), limitations are in production therefore conversation and not essentia. Disembodied/-boweled, collections of strings in a circle (stolen image) but also in a fist, minds become fists, bodies become fists, moments become fists. Limitation between two, discourse politics, nevermind. More expansive when distracted, bizarre, schizoid, possibly without necessary or determined path (even when non-teleological, the determined path is uncomfortable, makes arms itch, makes my back move). "Distraction", therefore broadened beyond recognition, again a working theory of mind- (Subsection A- Titled "Who is more godless than I, that I may enjoy his teaching?" Premise contradictions not confronts? More godless now than ever.) Ramification: the responsibility for thought makes non-sense; we are only and only momentarily, the location for the taking-place of those thoughts, existential identification with them is a narcissistic string (on good days) and a sabotaging string (on bad days).

To be even more concrete than usual: Distractions, hours long, lifetime long distractions become valuable in creation of their own fists, therefore this, and me and locations or moments. Tired perhaps, but the fist metaphor can regain some of our momentum. Some of them work in, to the guts of the thing or place, others sit on the surface or remind one. By happening as a fist, they are not now distractions but minds, mutually intelligible by their own design and configuration. Therefore: Diverse strings provoke, in the fist mind, the mind now distracted by fists, again, not essentia, but distracted before it can wrestle itself out of strings that bind, crafts fist-mind replica fists (coherence, possible?) by necessitating creation and rigor with the speed of a wine-drunk in motion: Much more satisfying to think of that, in the end, than the dry bone creaking of pro-to-fascism.

(However. There are problems with the above. Do I consider only extreme cases? Dismiss all conception of distraction as negative like an obtuse nihilist, flattening and leveling reality when it is so differentiated? Truly eliminating distraction only by lying through my teeth?)

Hypothesis:Negative Distractions Exist. Question: Does hypothesis hold? Too much time for now, for now, we look to th easier question, the hypothesis second order, it does hold, therefore Result: In response to negative distractions we have three preliminary strategies.

1) Alter reality. Consider ourselves untrustworthy and base, unable to stop our twitching fingers from accepting all information regardless of mode. Therefore: Eliminate possibilities of distraction, through technological, really legal means (the law of the State, the law of possibility, the law of turning-phone-off).

2) Harden ourselves. To all distraction? Stupid probably, but to negative distraction? One gets smarter friends who text message only amazing things to think over and poems so distraction is now value. Prepare a rigid hierarchical gelitan of back-up distractions, therefore I am bored, therefore I go to thing two, predetermined in my prior hardnesses as quality. Can continue up or down, but never outside of hardness. Mediation, necessarily: level of quality of distraction mainly only higher than the level of distraction current enjoyed).

3) Alter Project. Prior conception: Valuable-Fist. Beneath, further: Alter demands or definition of quality. Now street conversation is not distraction but matter for processing.

Each is problematic still to this point. 1) is impossible without brutality, the evisceration of points of value (see this, itself, as exemplary). 2) is impractical; to become without distraction by baseness/meaninglessness is become too rich in meaning. Heavy, laden, mind generally considered cannot clench its valuable-fists all ways. 2) is naturalistic? Minds suffer from repetition of input, value rooted in input, to exclusion: of? Of that which is not yet. Or, 2.1) is in low-humanity? No aspiration, no transcendence, necessarily it follows. Or, 2.2, more corrupt, is impotent toward negation. Cannot invent fables about a world 'other' than this one, cannot avenge ourselves against life with a phantasmagoria of 'another,' a 'better' life, therefore life exists unchanged, terribly.

Here, if I am to concede what seems a severe fault to prior proposal: that while the product gives meaning to the action that produces it, the meaning remains in the actions insofar as they lack a historial or social character: or, products become dictated by impulses and reality, reputations and influence metamorphose? Then the thing is without essentia-value [Good?] but retains after all, the essentia-meaninglessness? Too extreme an example for practice.

I am a partisan of product-nature. If I can lie, I would lie this way: Product-nature, Valuable-Fist becomes problematic through conversion of stimulus to product prior to stimulus provoking reaction. Mechanisms prior to thought, therefore instead of thought. To produce and not to consume, consumer determining product -> Process of production is entirety of self-being, and our of self-being's hands (paradox, therefore nightmare). Also: Definition of parasitism: Never interactive, only fodder for my ever-chewing value-fist.

In response to these problems, I propose the following fourth strategy. Distractive toleration principle: Nebulous region of failure, of distraction, close off totalism of proposed solutions. Result on three strategem: 1) Evisceration only of malicious matter: Corrupting or disturbing to general sense of focus (consider child pornography in your particular case or public violence). 2) Limit through our guilt, improve by atonement -> project futures of non-distractive selves. 3) Judiciously- distinguish between elements of daily lives to be scrubbed and made valuable through utilization: therefore let that that is better left unrecorded or unassimilated fall away. Or, 3.1) Envision broad projects improved by small action but not defined by them (constitutive but not essential).

This principle is built on our weakness and inborn distracting Americo-Pragmatism. It is, therefore, already implemented. Problematically, it cements our problem in our roots.

Therefore: Principle of Diffuse Application. (1) a distraction prohibiting technology, (3) built from the debris of distraction, (2) form of self. Technology of Fist, not Value-Fist. Mind in a series, three paths of preliminary strategies, principle of roaming. Event of distraction occurs constantly, necessarily precipitates its own discharging. Concrete Example: A being with a mind encounters an object with the desire (fist) to engage with it totally (incorporate into fist). Therefore: Distractive-Toleration: total engagement (capture) replaced with pramatic necessary failure, total solution element of the three distracts- thereafter discharged. Three strategies encounter overall mode: Being is well-trained and effective, without encountering solutions, always temporary. Therefore, like pressing down on a vein until it begins to throb, then pressing second vein. Played in sequence or tandem. Combination or organs and veins and fists, like a many-stringed piano. How does one harmonize with a hammer? Is this the piano or the chord, are there pedals or only strings? It appears to hold regardless.

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