Cut away from bone, start near the bones. Cut further away.
Bones were before bones, don't worry. Bones, we can let this get away from us.
Throwing bones far from thrower.
Cutting bones, get inside to wait.
Morning, inside with bones, breakfaster having breakfast, still, bones been bones.
Been so long insides, no insides left on them, only outsides. This is a measure of hardness.

Hard bones are sinking bones.
Get bones off a boat, because boats sink under weight. How important this is?
Getting sea from out from under me, screech screech and bones crying bones, we don't sink we don't want to sink, we are too hard to die!
Inside the bones, just like they forgot while in, is newer pieces, bones to bones, but also land and grass.
Too hard, this bone. Too hard, this not bone.
Sunk alive. Sinker sunk alive, bone sunk alive, hard sunk alive, water, is sunk too.
Don't see, won't if you see.
Best to not see. Like it's best not to mostly for it all.
Only for bones is worse, they sunk, they hard, they new and not see.
Best not to see, cuts inside in the inside, away from bone.
Bones far from thrower, throwing bone far from bone at all.
Bone before them, thrown away.
See, see, see bones, eyes— thick rough, heads of hair— thick rough, teeth— thick rough.
A growth bone, not that old.
Only sticking just out of water. Shake, before hard and facing water, threw and threw lonely.
A hand in bones, tremendous!
Bone, fill up inside.
Bones up on the outside too now.
Bones only up on the outside.
Bones everywhere.

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